Drop an anchor into your heart and access your inner wisdom and truth

Become an explorer and take a journey around the Medicine Wheel of Life, discovering your own unique treasures 

Cultivate your Authentic Power and Influence and become a Leader in all aspects of Life

Expand your consciousness through the Heart of the Horse and…….

Live Your Sacred Dream!

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I’m Laurie Higgins-Kerley. Throughout my life I’ve explored paths of healing to not only heal and evolve myself, but to offer a variety of tools to help others overcome their challenges. Today I joyfully weave these paths of knowledge and wisdom: Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching, Native American Medicine Wheel teachings and techniques, Shamanic healing ways and ceremonies, energetic chakra clearing through Pleiadian Lightwork, Kundalini Yoga, and life’s experience to help people break-through their ceiling of pain or life pursuit and offer a variety of transformative services and workshops. I am truly living my Sacred Dream! But it wasn’t always like this. In 2008 my family’s life took a drastic turn. My husband of 25 years and father of our four children passed away. We went from an extremely active family involved in high level athletic events to a year and a half journey of chemo, many hospital stays, and the heart wrenching demise of our patriarchal leader. I was grief-stricken and felt lost. Navigating life and the many hats I wore seemed insurmountable, not to mention the drudgery of trying to put on a face of strength and stability for my children. For the previous 8 years I studied, practiced, and was teaching ancient indigenous healing ways and ceremonies and had the support and guidance of that loving community. This was a major strength for me but one of the most powerfully transformative experiences happened at our family’s ranch, Dove Creek Ranch. I found solace by simply spending time with the small herd of horses that lived there. That small herd would come close to be around me in their sensitive and compassionate way, as if they understood my emotional vulnerability and need for a reprieve from the heaviness of grief. They made me part of their herd, offering their presence as if to say “be where you are, it's ok, rest, breathe, be in the moment with us.” A salve for my broken heart, these sentient beings gave me hope that I would mend from this devastating loss. Through my healing journey over the next few years, I received tremendous insight and a burning desire to assist them in "their world" and co-founded Dove Creek Equine Rescue - which offers a safe place for horses that need a second chance in life.

Like I said earlier, I am living my Dream and I believe that no matter what life has dealt, you can too. I will help you claim YOURS!

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With my offer you will:

  • Gain clarity and new awareness on how to move forward in your life with Horse as guide and teacher

  • Interweave the ancient knowledge of the Medicine Wheel with the ancient wisdom of Horse to access your inner truth and the dreaming of your heart’s desire

  • Access the power of your potential and your authentic influence!

  • Create new patterns and healthy habits so that you live life with more intention and purpose

  • Awaken a deeper Universal connection and know you are never alone


“As I stood with my horse, the reflection of my own participation in difficult relationships, was very clear and meaningful.”

TK  |  Amarillo, Texas


“In my session I felt a feeling of relief! What I was holding on to emotionally was not mine!”

SV  |  Phoenix, Arizona


 Healing Services to Help You Reconcile:

  • Life’s transitions, when you feel at a standstill with no clarity on which way to go

  • Problems with anxiety, depression, and fear

  • Anger and rage patterns

  • Addiction issues

  • Grief and loss and - how to navigate this challenging journey

  • Nagging feelings of overwhelm


What I Offer:


Individual Sessions

Private coaching sessions of self-discovery with Horse as partner and guide that will help you slow down, tune into your own inner wisdom, and access what is often hidden.


Small Groups

Co-create a small group experience with Laurie for the needs of your group and develop a more intimate and compassionate community by understanding and observing the nature of Horse.


Monthly Meet the Herd

Visit Dove Creek, where you will experience a guided meditation with the drum along with time spent meeting some of the horses Laurie partners with in this work. You will have an opportunity to experience their wise, intuitive, and compassionate nature that will assist you in becoming more present, reconnecting with your own inner wisdom and intuition.


Classes and Workshops

Take an experiential journey around the Medicine Wheel toward integrated wholeness guided by Horse. Be in nature, leaving the busy world behind, breathing deeper and slowing down. Nourish your soul by immersing in the oasis of Dove Creek, connecting to the plants, animals, and the beauty of the ancient canyon.


“I know from personal experience, with a lifetime of horsemanship, what I experienced in the round pen was different from anything else I have done. It really made me reach deep into what was going on inside of me instead of focusing on the horse.”

ST  |  Amarillo, Texas

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“The message I received from this teacher(horse)was that I am pure light. I am beauty. What I was seeing, perceiving, experiencing in this moment of pure presence and awareness was a reflection of my own true essence. The message rang true and pure to the very core of my being.”

MV  |  Michigan