Talking Stick Conflict Resolution

Strengthen your ability to listen and access authentic communication that will empower your conversations between your spouse, partner, family, and friends, resolving your conflicts with peace and power.


A Talking Stick is an ancient tool used by Native American tribes that facilitates "listening" to the other. It is a tool for communication between two or more people, or in a large group setting. When passed between people the one speaking has the floor and the others listen. When it is passed to the next person, the one that was once listening responds first with what was "heard" and then speaks from the heart in response. This is a powerful tool because it strengthens our ability to "listen," which is an important and often forgotten part of authentic communication in present day society. Couples benefit greatly from using this type of communication regularly as well as using the talking stick in a family or group setting.


Talking Stick Conflict Resolution will help you:

  • Enhance the ability to effectively communicate

  • The ability to truly be heard by whom your in conflict with

  • Get support through a mediated session to help drive the communication to resolve the issue further

  • Resolve issues with less stress, aggravation and clarity

  • Get to an mutually agreed upon resolution

Talking Stick Conflict Resolution helps you to truly listen and be heard from your authentic place that will help you effectively resolve conflict with mediated support to ensure an optimal outcome for all.


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