Classes, Workshops & Retreats


Take an experiential journey around the wheel toward integrated wholeness, by weaving the teachings of the Medicine Wheel with the heart-based gentle reflective nature of horses, and the several modalities that Laurie brings forth in her workshop work.

The medicine wheel provides a framework for understanding ourselves within the cycles of life by connecting the dots in life’s journey and the interconnection between humans and all living beings.


Gentle reflective nature of horses offers the deepening and understanding of these cycles and how to navigate them, as they assist in accessing the inner well of truth and wisdom.


Experience of wholeness is reconnection to your authentic spiritual self, integrating sensory awareness, mind and emotions, and becoming empowered to access dreams and desires.




Develop more intimate and compassionate community, by understanding and observing the nature of Horse.  

Horses are herd animals and their social behavior reflects clear communication and boundaries, collaboration, and leadership. Designing a small group workshop for the needs of your group can be done with creativity and fun.  Immersing in the beauty of Dove Creek can be a great start to establishing more authentic engagement.  Laurie can customize a small group (8 people max) on topics such as:

  • Leading with Confidence ~ clear communication through exploring boundaries

  • Grief ~ the path to joy, Phoenix Rising ~ navigating transition courageously

  • Clear the Path ~ attaining goals by illuminating opportunities

  • And more…please inquire and let’s co-create


Custom Group Sessions are approximately 3 hours





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