Equine facilitated coachihng

What is Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching?

As high sensory intelligent beings, horses assist us in becoming more sensitive in our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations. They are a sacred mirror of reflection for us. Equine Facilitated Coaching is an experiential journey where the horse is a teacher and guide, leading us into the depths of our heart and encourages us to look within ourselves to find balance, regain personal inner strength, renew spirit, and rediscover our own power.

Horse as partner, inspires our courage and helps us find our center, our essence, that all too often has eluded us in our busy lives. They willingly partner with us and help unlock our deepest fears and touch our deepest needs. Together we take an enlightening journey with Horse around the Medicine Wheel or Sacred Hoop (aka the Round Pen) that heightens awareness and allows you to access your next step toward the authentic self you are dreaming awake!

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“I am absolutely amazed by the Equine Healing provided by Laurie. I went into my session with no expectations. After all, my “therapy” is my horses and I wasn’t sure how this could even help me, but it did. I know from personal experience, with a lifetime of horsemanship, what I experienced in the round pen was different from anything else I have done. It really made me reach deep into what was going on inside of me instead of focusing on the horse. I have trained myself to be so calm around horses and not show emotions for fear of adverse reactions. This round pen experience made me let go of the control and focus on myself. Exposing my personal challenges and witnessing how the horse responded to me was enlightening. I left the session with a better understanding of self and self awareness, in which I experienced with Laurie’s guidance and the horse’s actions. I left that round pen with a lighter heart and a new focus on life. I highly recommend this program to anyone (horse person or not) to experience a unique way to overcome any road blocks in your life.”

— ST, Amarillo, TX

Equine facilitated coaching

Why Horses?

The horse is a powerful mirror of self-reading your energy and reflecting back to you that which is felt on the subtle layers. The horse is so in tune with your totality and can identify where in the body wounding is located, whether it be physical or emotional. They willingly partner with us and help unlock our deepest fears and touch our earnest needs. The horse helps us to come into the present moment and tune into our inner wisdom, helping us access the inner voice that is yearning to be spoken, to be heard, unveiling our authentic self.

As prey animals it is critical for horses to live in the present at all times using their sensitivity and emotional intelligence to survive. Possessing this acute sensory awareness Horse can help you to become more present and reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuition, allowing you to discover your unique gifts and desires that are just waiting to be expressed.

“I enjoyed my session with Laurie and her healing horse. In my session I felt a feeling of relief! What I was holding on to emotionally was not mine! I remember a time when I was 12 or 13 years old when my parents were fighting and I took it on (the War between the Masculine & feminine) I acknowledge It was their fight, not mine! I now feel Free from that War.

Thank you Laurie! I would recommend everyone to have a session!”

— SV, Phoenix, Arizona