Equine Facilitated Coaching


As high sensory intelligent beings, horses can assist us in becoming more sensitive to our thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.  They are a sacred mirror of reflection for us.  Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching is an experiential journey where the horse is a teacher and guide, leading us into the depths of our heart.

With Laurie as the facilitator of the session, this method encourages us to look within ourselves to find balance, regain personal inner strength, renew spirit, understand the message emotions carry, and rediscover our own power. Horse as partner inspires our courage and helps us find our center, our essence, that all too often has eluded us in our busy lives.

Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching transforms the human heart and spirit. Through interaction with horses, a heightened sense of awareness is discovered. As herd animals, it is critical for horses to live in the present at all times using their sensitivity and emotional intelligence to survive. Possessing this acute sensory awareness and authenticity, they mirror humans and provide instant feedback about thoughts, feelings, where pain is being held in the body - in essence, what we are truly communicating. Becoming more self aware reveals patterns of behavior and opens a gateway for new perspectives and possibilities, gaining self-esteem and self-confidence. In a sessions, participants have the opportunity to experience humility, compassion as well as challenge, transforming what seem to be obstacles into opportunities for self growth and discovery.  Step into a new arena of life with horse – and access new insights, dancing your dreams awake!

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