photo by Page Steed

photo by Page Steed


Shillelagh is a 16 year old registered Quarterhorse who arrived at Dove Creek in 2009 at the young age of 6. He came from a ranching background before I purchased him and wow could he move!. Besides being a great looking horse, what really captured me was his big ol heart. This horse will go the extra mile and then some. When Shillelagh arrived at the ranch I was going through a very tough time in my life and this horse was always the one who would show up and hang out with me as long as I needed. I had never had such an experience with a horse like this before Shillelagh. Not only is he an accomplished all around ranch horse but he embodies absolute compassion and a benevolence beyond what I have ever known. . He is one of the leaders in the herd at the ranch and will most often be seen hanging with Rosco, the other lead horse in the herd. A teacher of authenticity, soul of gold, and an awakener of consciousness - this is Shillelagh.



Rosco is a 16.2 hh 15 year old Hancock bred bay roan gelding. The “gentle giant” came to Dove Creek when he was 5 years old as my son’s first horse. Together they rode many ranches and roped quite a few cattle forging a strong bond along the way. Rosco has always had a huge heart, gentle way, and an intelligent mind. He gained some fame when he joined the play “Texas” in Palo Duro in 2016 canyon one summer as one of the flag carrier horses galloping across the stage with a wrangler. He also pulled the wagon and was the drunk cowboy’s horse who rode Rosco backwards. So as you can see, he is a gentle giant! Rosco has been termed “the shaman” in the Led By Horses program because he is such a wise and compassionate reflector of people’s beauty and wisdom. This horse has captured the hearts of many people!



Sundance is an 16.2 hh 17yo (2002) sorrel registered Paint gelding. He came to Dove Creek in January of this year (2019) from an owner surrender in our area. He had a career in performance before he arrived and judging by his stature he did well. He stood out from the herd because he often would hang out by the barn, not with the herd. Always approachable and exceedingly gentle, Sundance captured the hearts of all who met him. It seems his purpose is to assist people in their healing as he is a stalwart - kindhearted, compassionate, courteous, patient, loving horse. I believe this horse arrived to do just this at Dove Creek, heal the broken heart of humanity. He is doing a great job and all of us here at Dove Creek are thankful he and his former owners found us.