about laurie higgens-kerley

About Laurie Higgins-Kerley

Laurie partners with her horses to guide you into your heart and help manifest your dreams so you can live your life with intention and purpose, accessing your higher calling.

After the loss of her husband in 2008, Laurie was grief-stricken and found profound healing from spending time with a small herd of horses at Dove Creek. The horses seemed to understand her vulnerable and heart broken state by coming close and making her part of their herd, offering a deeper presence and more intimate way of connecting. This was a salve for her broken heart and eventually, her insight and reflection ignited a desire within her to assist them in "their world" and to offer this experience to others dealing with their own challenges.

Laurie’s enthusiasm for explorations into “the mystery of all life” is infectious. Her training includes Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching, Native American Medicine Wheel teachings and techniques, Shamanic healing ways and ceremonies, chakra balancing and clearing through Pleiadian Lightwork, and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. She has facilitated, hosted, and led workshops on Medicine Wheel teachings and ceremonies, drumming circles, and yoga for more than 20 years.

They Rescued Her, Now She Rescues Them . . .

Laurie founded the non-profit organization, Dove Creek Equine Rescue in 2012 and has been Executive Director of it since. Horses are rescued, rehabilitated, retrained, and rehomed. Because of her experiences there, Laurie wanted to create a program focusing on the healing partnership between horses and humans. She graduated from Kathy Pike’s Academy of Coaching with Horses Certification Program in April 2017 and joyfully integrates her path to wholeness with this powerful heart-centered approach; exploring the authentic expression and inner wisdom within each one of us who walk this walk with her. She has facilitated, hosted, and led workshops on Medicine Wheel teachings and ceremonies, drumming circles, and yoga for more than 20 years.

Laurie creates a custom experience for each client by drawing from the fibers of her own personal weave of healing and mastery from the various modalities in which she has trained. Her fun loving personality and deeply compassionate spirit coalesce with her life-long commitment to assist others in their evolution. The result is a one-of-a-kind experience for those ready to live their best Life!

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“My session was a beautiful exploration into self-inquiry. As I stood with my horse, the reflection of my own participation in difficult relationships, was very clear and meaningful... Once the session in the round pen with my horse was complete, Laurie and I talked about the experience and she gently guided me with significant questions, which helped me go deeper in the understanding. For the months that followed, the emotion of my equine therapy continued to guide me through the maze of undoing self-created patterning, that I no longer need or want. This therapy is direct and quick to facilitate personal change. I recommend it for anyone certain that they are READY for the change they seek!”

— TK, Amarillo, Texas

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