Medicine Wheel


Wheels are like keys – they help us connect the dots in life’s journey thereby understanding and learning from our interconnection to all forms of all life as well as the cycles of life.

Wheels or circles, the Sacred hoop, Mandalas, have been used since the ancient times as tools for teaching the ways of the Universe and understanding ourselves within the cycles of Life.

Let’s start with understanding the word “Medicine” in this tradition.  It could be described as:

  • Anything that improves one’s connection to the Great Mystery and to all life.

  • Anything that brings personal power, strength, and understanding

  • A talent, natural gift, or a unique pursuit

Ex. Horses carry powerful “medicine” of deep innate wisdom to assist humans in awakening to their highest potential.


A Medicine Wheel is a cognitive map, a continuous movement of energy representing the continuity and harmony of the cycles of life for all living beings. A symbol of the inter-connection of All Things in the universe since there is no beginning or end. Indigenous humans have used circles or wheels for thousands of years to teach about an individual’s life journey. Circles work as portals into holistic understanding as nothing is seen as linear, for the idea of linear is seen as an illusion.