Meet the Herd

Introduction to Equine Facilitated Learning and Coaching

“Meet the Herd” is a GREAT intro to Equine Facilitated Learning/Healing/Coaching. If you are interested in how Horse helps humans heal and gain clarity, then sign up for this 3 hour opportunity to immerse in the beauty of Dove Creek Ranch and meet some AMAZING horses. You will experience guided meditation with the drum to awaken more sensory awareness as well as gain knowledge and insight on why and how Horses are such great teachers! You will also have an opportunity to experience their wise, intuitive, and compassionate nature.

As herd animals, it is critical for horses to live in the present movement at all times using their sensitivity and emotional intelligence to survive. Possessing this acute sensory awareness and authenticity, Horse can assist you in becoming more present and reconnecting with your own inner wisdom and intuition

~ Learn why horses are so effective at helping humans heal and evolve as well as overcome challenges
~ Experience becoming more tuned into your body’s wisdom and communication so you can become more fully integrated and whole
~ Feel the peace that nature provides in the awe inspiring canyon of Dove Creek Ranch in Canyon, Texas.

You will have an opportunity to engage with a SMALL herd of 6-8 horses. This is offered in a safe and sacred container allowing you the opportunity to become more “horse like” while spending time in their quantum field. Come be a part of the Herd!


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Next Meet the Herd!! Sunday September 15th 9:00 am-12:00pm

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