Why Meet the Herd?"

Once a month I offer a “Meet the Herd” here at Dove Creek and I want to share my thoughts on what is so cool about this experience. This offering is for those who are curious about working with the healing power of horses, those who are drawn to horses, those who want to come see Dove Creek and spend some time in nature…..and for people who want to learn and grow.

I believe horses transform the human heart and spirit. As high sensory intelligent beings and prey animals, horses assist us in becoming more aware of our own thoughts, emotions, and body sensations.  They are a sacred mirror of reflection for us. Through interaction with them, a new level of heightened consciousness is discovered. As herd animals, it is critical for horses to live in the present moment at all times using their sensitivity and emotional intelligence to survive. Possessing this acute sensory awareness and authenticity, they mirror humans and provide instant feedback about thoughts, feelings, where pain is being held in the body - in essence, what is really going on and what we are truly communicating. Becoming more self aware reveals patterns of behavior and opens a gateway for new perspectives and possibilities, gaining a deeper relationship to self and increasing self-esteem and self-confidence. In a Meet the Herd experience, you will have the opportunity to experience being around a small herd of horses at Dove Creek, and receive their quiet compassionate wisdom in a group setting. I invite you to come and experience the heart of the horse with us here at Dove Creek! For more information on this offering click this link https://www.ledbyhorses.com/monthly