Horse – your friend through confusing transitions………

Life’s transitions

We have all been there – at a standstill.  Not sure which way to go, lost in apathy, feeling sluggish, and confused. A transition.  When your life shifts through a change and/or loss of some sort.  This can be change or loss of a job, change or loss of your home, ending of a relationship, children leaving the nest, divorce, loss of a loved one, etc.  

Change can feel like walking on ground that is not only shaky, but also that could swallow us up in a heartbeat. Like an unpredictable roller coaster of ups and downs, emotionally and mentally, especially when we don’t know where we are going. When we are swimming in the ocean of emotion since it feels so overwhelming, and seemingly impervious to our need for stability - transitions can sometimes feel like we are drowning, going down, down, down, with no life raft or helping hand to pull us out. 

But there is hope!  There is a way out.  This is where horses come in………

Horses, being prey animals and having existed for thousands of years, are always tracking everything in their environment.   They rely on instinct and are adept at reading non-verbal cues such as energy, intention, and emotions.  Because of this ability, they are very affected by energies (positive or negative) and immediately reflect this through their body language and their behavior. This can be very useful for healing, because a person’s emotional or mental state can be picked up by the horse and mirrored back. This is effective as it can point out unresolved issues and areas that need further exploration. Because horses mirror so accurately, they can create a more efficient path to healing and growth.  Compassion and authenticity are qualities they embody - they carry no agenda live/exist in the present moment.

Also, being herd animals, they have strong social connections and rely on the other herd members to accurately reflect what is going on in the environment and react appropriately.  Having other herd members that they trust helps them to relax and feel safe. 

Their way of being has many benefits for humans who often have become disconnected from our “herd”, don’t feel safe, and exist in a state of stress.  Horses know our state of being, and they assist through their intuitive and instinctual nature compassionately and honestly.  When the light goes on – it’s with gentleness and presence allowing one to discover aspects of self that might have been sealed off ….. for a long time. It can feel like a homecoming, a return to self, a deep sense of connection that we all long for throughout our lives.

In essence, horses can lead us back to our true nature, and to find and reconnect to our own herd.  

So, if you have landed in the cauldron of change and are going through a transition - not sure what direction to take, spend some time with a horse. At Dove Creek Equine Rescue, we have a weekly Saturday Volunteer Day[J1] open to the public where the focus is safety and education -  how to be around a horse, what are the key things to know, how to catch and lead a horse, how to groom a horse, and much more. 


If you want to go further and discover solutions for yourself as well as learn techniques for growth and centering, another option is to book a session in our Led By Horses[J2] program. This method encourages you to look within yourself to find balance, regain personal inner strength, renew spirit, understand the message emotions carry, and rediscover your own power. Horse as partner inspires your courage and helps you find yourself again, gaining awareness and insight on the many pearls of wisdom held within the ripples of change.

Horses have changed my life in numerous and magical ways, but especially when I was going through a transition.  Their radar like ability to see the blocks and help clear the pathway of confusion is a true gift unique to this species, one I am extremely grateful for and honor everyday.

Learn How the Horse Heals:

Laurie Higgins