Laurie Higgins-Kerley is a rancher, yogi, medicine woman, and highly trained equine facilitator and coach who is passionate about connecting humans with horses for healing and growth.

Private Coaching to Help You Reconcile:

  • Being “stuck” in life, helping you through life’s transitions
  • Problems with mental focus and anxiety
  • Anger and rage patterns
  • Addiction issues
  • Grief and loss and how to navigate this challenging journey
  • Mental fatigue and nagging feelings of overwhelm

Private sessions can be done virtually (on Zoom), over the phone or in person


Phone Private Coaching Sessions

Private coaching sessions on the phone are designed to assist you in your intentions and goals with a holistic approach as we explore the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional aspects that are out of balance. Mindfulness techniques, clearing of energy blocks, breathing exercises, combined with intuitive guidance not only help you gain more energy and confidence but create new pathways of understanding yourself and others.

1-hour phone coaching session – $140

3 session package for deeper exploration – $400

In-Person Private Coaching Session with Horse

Private coaching sessions of self-discovery with Horse as partner and guide that heighten your sensory intelligence by accessing the intuitive guidance within.

When in the presence of the horse, their nature reveals hidden aspects – beliefs, feelings, old patterns of behavior – that you may be unaware of. Connecting to Horse in a safe container in the round pen, you are guided by Laurie to observe what the horse is reflecting around these issues, creating new levels of trust, confidence, and self respect. By understanding more about horses and their nature, we humans can gain huge insight in our energetic expression toward others, what we are really communicating. Horse knows our hearts and our emotional expression, but we often aren’t congruent in what we really think and feel. When we allow the horse’s gentle non verbal reflection, it bypasses our thinking brain and penetrates into our cellular memory. Experience the transformative  heart of the horse and watch your dream become your reality.

Many times just one session is not enough. Part of what we will co-create will involve uncovering behaviors and beliefs that block you from having the life you want. The 3 session goal-focused package gives us the time to take a deeper dive into what needs to be addressed and allows time in between sessions for integration.

In person sessions are held at Dove Creek Ranch in an indoor arena.

First session 2 hours – $250

Follow-up sessions 1.5 hours – $175

3 session package – $500

Private Coaching Sessions are Designed to Help You
Unleash the Power of Your Human Potential

Live Your Best Life!

  • Are you content with where you are in life OR do you feel stuck and stagnant?
  • Are you tapping into your passion regularly or do you ask what IS my passion?
  • Are you accessing your inner wisdom and intuition on a daily basis?
  • Do you get stuck in old emotional patterns that bring the same undesirable results?

Private coaching sessions of self-discovery heighten your whole self, or sensory intelligence by expanding body, mind, spirit, and emotion, so you can live your life with intention and purpose!

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Heal from Grief and Trauma

Private coaching sessions that honor your unique expression of grief, or strong emotion, in a safe and sacred container allowing gentle release and deeper connection to your heart.

When done in person Going Forward personal coaching sessions encourage you to look within to find balance, regain personal inner strength, renew spirit, and rediscover your own power.

With a horse as partner, and facilitated by Laurie, together we take a journey around the Wheel of Life, exploring the meaning and messages of Grief, while horse is like a river guide in the journey, compassionately steering your heart with grace and ease.